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About the company

Omega Optix was established on the Czech market in 1993 and since then has become the leading manufacturer and distributor of spectacle lenses in the Czech Republic. Our long-term goal is to supply opticians in the Czech and Slovak Republics and beyond with the widest range of top quality lenses, frames and optical instruments and services at attractive prices and with the maximum of quality support. We strive after excellece in service, aiming for constant improvements and implementing the newest technology, all in order to add value for the customer. We use the most modern technologies for processing all optical materials and spectacle lenses.

Alongside our advanced portfolio of Omega Optix lenses we also supply in the Ceach and Slovak Republics the internationally renowned range of Nikon spectacle lenses, innovators of coatings, materials and designs in the ophthalmic field. Another segment of our business is optical frames and sunglasses. Omega Optix exclusively represents major international brands such as the French hand-made Beausoleil frames designed by Frederic Beausoleil, a leading personality if the fashionable world of quality eyewear. Other major brands in the Omega Optix frames portfolio are X-Optix, FKOFF and Marco polarized prescription sunglasses.

Omega Optix also distributes and services leading optical and ophthalmic machines and instruments. Key to the instrument portfolio are edgers from the French manufacturer Briot and lensmeters and equipment for optometrists from the leading Japanese company Tomey. Omega is also supplying centering systems from Acep in France.

Omega Optix supplies its spectacle lenses on a daily basis to more than 20 European countries and has a daughter company in the Slovak Republic.

The most important

  • CROCS - new range of framesCROCS - new range of frames
  • Protect your eyesight. Think about UV protection.Protect your eyesight. Think about UV protection.
  • XBlue - lenses with perfect protection.XBlue - lenses with perfect protection.
  • The art of modern technology.
NuPolar - an innovation in polarizing filter technology.The art of modern technology. NuPolar - an innovation in polarizing filter technology.
  • Drivewear® - a new cathegory of corrective lenses developed specifically for drivers.Drivewear® - a new cathegory of corrective lenses developed specifically for drivers.



The Czech Republic

  Omega Optix, s.r.o.
  Prazska 1012
  250 01 Brandys nad Labem
  tel: +420 326 920 000
  fax: +420 326 920 001

The Slovak Republic

  Omega Optix, s.r.o.
  Komenskeho 12B
  974 01 Banska Bystrica
  Slovenska republika
  tel: +421 48 411 30 74
  fax: +421 48 281 20 07